As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to travel too far to find new and exciting places to visit.

This is exactly what I started doing this summer, traveling from Ottawa, Canada to some attractions that are not far at all. I’ll continue traveling around Ottawa and Greater Canada in the future, so stay tuned!

You can discover quaint little cities that will make you forget you are only an hour’s drive from home.

Here’s my collection of (what I call one-day trips, no reason you can’t go longer) one-day trips I traveled in Ottawa’s surrounding area.

  1. A day trip to Bonnechere Caves in Ontario, Canada
  2. A day trip to Long Sault Parkway, Ontario, Canada
  3. A day trip to St Albert, Ontario, Canada
  4. A day trip to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
  5. A fun day at Calypso Waterpark, Ontario, Canada
  6. A day trip to Perth, Ontario, Canada
  7. A day trip to Kingston, Ontario, Canada (coming soon)
  8. A day trip to Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Ontario, Canada
  9. An aerial forest adventure in Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada
  10. A day trip to Montebello in Quebec, Canada 
  11. A day trip to Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada (coming soon)
  12. A day trip to Almonte in Ontario, Canada 
  13. Tip to Tip Trail, Ontario, Canada
  14. A day trip to Merrickville, Ontario, Canada


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