Tip To Tip trail in Burritts Rapids, Ontario, Canada is our next stop in “A collection of One Day Trips from Ottawa, Canada”.

Tip to Tip Trail is an easy walk of about 4 km for a round trip. It takes about 2 hours to complete with some stops for taking pictures and enjoying amazing views.

We were able to get free parking when we got to Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada in Burritts Rapids. There is a little office (with toilets if needed) where we got info and a map of the area and the trail. 

The map contains an overview of the trail with suggestions of stops along the way.

There are seven stops:

  • A changed environment
  • Surveying a New Land
  • The Founding of Burritts Rapids
  • Bridges and Bridgemasters
  • From Woodland to Wetland
  • Controlling the River Flow
  • The Tip

You can find more information and download the map of the trail with stops on the Parks Canada website.

The weather was great for walking and I took a lot of pictures, so take a look and comment!


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We went to Merrickville after that, but it’s a coming soon and a story for another day – One day trip to Merrickville, Ontario, Canada  (coming soon)

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