After a beautiful walk discovering the Tip To Tip Trail, we decided to drive over to Merrickville.

We were able to find parking rather quickly and walked around the city. You won’t find any parking meters or traffic lights here but you might find the Town Crier and very friendly people.

Merrickville is a pretty little town that really has something for everyone, be it the artist, treasure hunter, music lover or if you really just want to walk along the street while taking in the century old town while architecture. We were there for Thanksgiving weekend as the trees were changing colours; the vibe and colours were just magical!

With a population of about 2800 and 40 minutes from Ottawa, it may be a small town but it still has its share of unique boutiques, restaurants offering various cuisine, different accommodation and historical sites. During our walk, we passed by shops like glassblowers, potters, painters, sculptures, jewelry makers a used record shop and much more!





Rideau Canal Locks -The Merrickville locks are located at the earliest mill site on the Rideau River, that of Roger Stevens, who built a mill here in about 1790. But it was William Mirick, who took over a couple of years later the mill and established a community which was thriving by the time of canal construction. The locks bypassed the mills, leaving them intact, allowing Mirick to continue his business.


Merrickville Blockhouse Museum -The Museum was opened in 1966. It comprises a collection of local artefacts and archives reflecting the history and industry of the canal and the surrounding urban and agricultural community. Check hours of operation before visiting.


Merrickville Ruins -The Merrickville ruins are what remains from an old woolen mill. The site is owned and operated by Parks Canada. This site feels like a hidden gem where you can learn about the history of the milling industry that operated in Merrickville.


Gray Art Glass – enjoy a glassblowing demonstration and visit their gallery of unique creations by three Canadian glass artists.

Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe – 30 unique flavours of beautifully handmade ice cream and gelato. Belgian chocolates and candies handmade in the old style. Ice-cream is delicious there! 


Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Food Shop – local and imported specialty foods. Fine mustard is their specialty.

Knock Knock Shoppe – 6000 sq feet of shopping!!!


The Merry Christmas Shoppe in Merrickville is the largest year around Christmas store in the Ottawa area.

Rideau Bird Sanctuary – The Rideau Migratory Bird Sanctuary (MBS) includes a section of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal that begins within the Village of Merrickville and extends west and then southwest to cover a distance of 5.6 km by water. Along the first 2.4 km, on either side of the river, there are extensive marshes composed of cattails and wild rice with broadleaf emergent aquatic plants, as well as floating, free-floating and submerged vegetation.

There is also a beach you can visit in the summer you can rent canoes and kayaks right behind at Blockhouse Park beside the locks.

Check events at their calendar –

If you like hiking and walking – you go in “Tip To Tip Trail, Ontario, Canada” or “Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Ontario, Canada” I wrote earlier.

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