Continuing with my Collection of one-day trips from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this one is  to Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Ontario, Canada.

We were looking for somewhere to go and decided we didn’t want to visit any cities. But wanted to get out of the city, so we decided on Foley Mountain. The Conservation Area is located an hour and a half from Ottawa (depending on where you live in Ottawa) and just 28km from Perth, Ontario, Canada. Take 105 Perth Road, off County 10 and up the “mountain” near Westport.

Foley Mountain hugs the historic upper Rideau Waterway. This is where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view from Spy Rock (65m in height or 200ft), it overlooks the Rideau Waterway as well as the town of Westport. The trail is not very difficult and at the top of the cliff a ramp with barriers was built so it’s safe to look over the cliff.

The trails are perfect for hiking, walking and snowshoeing in the winter. I was able to get some great pictures of Beaver Pond.

There are several trails for beginners or more experienced hikers with several spots with picnic tables. There’s about 9 km of trails in total, we were able to walk a big part of it. The shortest trail is 0,1km and the longest 3,2 km. There’s also a beach, which we didn’t go to, but there’s always next time.

Some programs of what’s available at the park are:

  • Spy Rock scenic lookout
  • Hiking and snowshoeing trails
  • Discovery Centre
  • Education and summer programs
  • Natural swimming area on Upper Rideau Lake
  • Facility rental


Check more info on their website

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