Almonte or Mississippi Mills (on google maps) is the next stop in my “A Collection of Day Trips from Ottawa

Almonte is a scenic mill town on the Canadian Mississippi River. Yes, you read correctly there is a Mississipi river in Canada and its only 45 minutes from Ottawa!

This little town is a unique and lovely place, which is still closely in touch with its Irish and Scottish roots. The 19th century is still very much is apparent in the many large Victorian homes and limestone public buildings. With only a population of 5000 and sections of the town that remain essentially unchanged from a hundred years ago or more Almonte is the perfect destination for a getaway!

One street town with shops, restaurants, galleries, clothing and gift shops. The main street of Almonte is Mill street.


WHAT TO SEE in Almonte, Ontario, Canada

1. Almonte Riverwalk. Since opening, the Almonte Riverwalk, which consists of a series of bridges, has become a must-see destination for nature lovers and photographers. The walk starts behind the Old Town Hall and continues to the other end of Mill Street, ending in a breathtaking lookout at the site of the old Victoria Woolen Mill. While on the Riverwalk you will get the chance to see more waterfalls with the Grand Falls on the Mississippi river being the largest (see pictures). 




2. A monument to Dr. James, Naismith – the inventor of basketball. He grew up on a farm just outside Almonte. Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about him.


 3. Almonte Old Town Hall. Since its creation in 1884, Almonte’s Old Town Hall has had many uses. Originally built for town offices and council meetings, it also housed fire department, library, and was even a local jail. Currently, this heritage building is Almonte’s premiere venue for theatre, musical performances and weddings. 

 4. Old Almonte Post Office. Located halfway down Mill Street, this beautiful building was completed in 1891, and is notable because it was designed by well-known architect Thomas Fuller, who also happened to design Canada’s Parliament Buildings! Check a waterfall behind the museum!


 5. The Mississippi Valley Textile MuseumConstructed in 1867, this National Historic Site of Canada now features a blend of the old and new, all related to the history of the Mississippi Valley and the textile industry.





6. Mill of Kintail. About 10 minutes from Almonte, the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area has hiking and skiing trails accessible year-round. It is also a home of the R. Tait Mackenzie Museum. Tait Mackenzie was a noted artist and sculptor who kept the mill building as a summer residence and studio in the early decades of the 20th century.

 7. Kirkland Park. In the heart of Amlonte’s downtown. This park looks out between the upper and lower falls. It was named after two postmasters, Dr.J.T.Kirkland and his son, Hal B.Kirkland for their dedicated service for half a century in the original post office building.

8. Metcalfe Geoheritage Park is Canada’s first geoheritage park. It’s an assemblage of local rocks Thirty blocks of local rock types include sandstone, limestone, dolostone and marble.

There are a lot of galleries, authentic boutiques, clothing, crafts shopping on Mill street. Find more information at

In the summer months the town hosts festivals like BusFusion, Puppets Up and other. Check a list of festivals at their website

Almonte has a few beaches and parks – check it here

I also found an interesting Walking Map it’s your free guide – just download,  print and you are ready to go.



On recommendation, we found a cafe called “Mill Street Crepe Company“. We had some tasty mushroom soup, extraordinarily good crepes, made with local ingredients and some wine. I Highly recommend you visit!  They are open seven days a week for lunch and Thursday, Friday & Saturday for dinner from 5pm.

Check other recommended places to eat and stay in Almonte.


  1. Plenty free parking on the street. We parked not far from Town Hall for free and  everything is walking distance.
  2.  Like the majority of small cities I visited this summer, most of the restaurants are open until 5PM a few just for dinner on Friday and Saturday. It’s difficult to find a place to eat after 5PM on Sundays. Saturday is the best day to visit on weekends.
  3.  Visit during some festivals when there are more people and entertainment.

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