From all my day trips, perhaps, the most beautiful area of the United Counties is the Long Sault Parkway.

The Long Sault Parkway connects 11 islands and is a popular route for cyclists and Sunday drivers, the Long Sault Parkway also has hundreds of campsites, beaches, picnic areas and bird sanctuary.

The Long Sault Parkway is a series of 11 islands that were created from high points of land left after the flooding of the St. Lawrence River during the construction of the Seaway in the 1950’s. I love this place. It’s beautiful and quiet. You can come for a day or for a weekend.

We brought our bikes and some food and spend the whole afternoon there, we even had a nap under a tree by the water!




There are 3 Long Sault Parkway Campgrounds:

Mille Roches Campground
Woodlands Campground
McLaren Campground

There are 2 Long Sault Parkway Beaches and Picnic Areas:

Mille Roches Beach and Picnic Area
Woodlands Beach and Picnic Area


The entrance fee for beach and campgrounds: 7CAD on week days or 17CAD on weekends per car. Cyclists get free access.

TIP: You can park for free at the entrance (there is a small parking lot) and bike from there.

While you are there, visit Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary

The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary spans more than 9000 hectares of various ecosystems that are home to close to 200 waterfowl, raptor and passerine, and many other bird species. There are nature trails, so put on your hiking shoes and explore!

More information about The Long Sault Parkway at their website –

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