Do you want to travel but have only weekends free? You don’t have to travel far. There is enough beauty and sights to see all around us.

Since we’re not planning to go anywhere this summer we decided to explore locations closer to home.

Our first trip was on a cold Sunday. It had rained for the past few days and we were just itching to get out of the house. On a whim we decided to head out to Eganville where the Bonnechere Caves are located, it’s a short 75-minute drive from Ottawa.

Bonnechere Caves, Ontario

Bonnechere Caves is a perfect example of a solutional cave that gives the curious a rarely seen glimpse into early days of Earth. Solidified within the limestone walls lay fossils of coral and other marine life that are estimated to be between 400 and 500 million years old.

Despite their age, the caves were unknown until 1955, when Tom Woodward discovered them. After his initial discovery the subterranean channels of the Bonnechere River were cleared, revealing ancient passageways carved out by million year old currents.

It starts off outside where your guide will explain the origins of the cave and provide examples of fossils excavated from the caves themselves. And you’ll also learn more about Tom Woodward. Was he a fearless explorer? Adrenaline junkie? Or just a guy without much common sense. That’s for you to decide. Our guide went into great detail on Tom’s initial discovery and struggles once he led himself down the nearby sinkhole.

It was a fascinating listen.

Bonnechere Caves, Ontario


Inside the caves you will find stalactites, and a labyrinth of tunnels. You can also see fossils embedded in the rocks. With the illumination of electric lights it gives the caves an errie feel that’s really unique.

Bonnechere Caves Ontario


Bonnechere Caves, Ontario


They offer guided tours every 20-30 min. A tour lasts about 1 hour. I suggest you bring a sweater when going as the temperature in the caves is about 10C, even in the summer.

After the tour you can use picnic area and visit their store for souvenirs or refreshments.

Bonnechere Caves, Ontario


They have also special events like fossil hunts about once a month. Or there are other museums; restaurants you can even have a round of golf. All located in the surrounding area. Check the picture below.

Bonnechere Caves, Ontario


For more information visit their website – Entrance tickets including excursion is 18CAD per adult.

TIP – check Groupon for discounts. If you are new to Groupon, using this link you can get 10CAD off for your first purchase.

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